Classify characteristics of the metrics for each subject (i.e. categorical, ordinal, interval or ratio) Countries: years...

Classify characteristics of the metrics for each subject (i.e. categorical, ordinal, interval or ratio)


years 2014,2015,2016:

Survey scale:

Sample size:




Ease of use:



What is your age?



What is the highest level of education you have completed?



On average, how much do you pay for beauty and hygiene products or services per year?  
Include references to the following products: soap, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, lotion,
perfume, cologne, make-up, chemical hair color, razors, skin care, feminine care, and salon services.


Ad Frequency:

On average, how many beauty and hygiene advertisements, if at all, do you think you view or hear per day?  
Include references to the following advertisements: television, billboard, internet,
radio, newspaper, magazine, and direct mail.  



On average, how many of those advertisements, if at all, specifically subscribe to gender roles and stereotypes?


Reinforcing: On the following scale, what role, if any, do these advertisements have in reinforcing specific gender stereotypes?



To what extent do you agree that empowerment advertising, which explicitly communicates the unique
differences in each individual, would help transform cultural gender stereotypes?


Empowerment %: On average, what percentage of advertisements that you view or hear per day
currently utilize empowerment advertising?

Homework Answers

Answer #1

Nominal Scale:

Nominal variable are categorical variables, whose categories are mutually exclusive.They can be simply viewed as labels.An observation can belong to only of the possible categories.

eg. Colour- Red, Green, Blue, Yellow.

Ordinal Scale:

Ordinal variables are similar to nominal variables in that they represent distinct categories.However they have a definite order.

eg. Level of satisaction- Very Satisfied, Satisfied, Not satisfied.

Interval or Ratio scale:

Variables measured in interval or ratio scale are continuous in nature.Difference of observation matters in interval scale, whereas ratio scale has an additional feature of a well defined absolute zero.

eg: Interval : Temperature (in degrees) - 0,10,30,40,60 (Here, zero doesn't mean no temperature)

Ratio: Income (in $) - 0,25,60,80,100 (However, here, zero clearly indicates no income)

From the given characterestics,( possible values given within braces)

We find that Sample size (100,150,240) , Age ( 9,25,42), Spending ($10,$25,$60), Ad frequency (12,8,5), Steriotype (6,3,1),Empowerment % ( 5%,9%,23%) are continuous variables.

They can be measured in either interval or ratio scale.

Variables like Countries, Years (2014,2015,2016), survey scale (3 point, 5 point, 7 point),Month /Day represent mutually exclusive categories, such that an observation can belong to any one of the possible categories.

They are measured in nominal scale.

The variables Quality (inferior/low, medium, superior/high) ,Ease of use (1,2,3 -in an increasing order of ease),Education levels,Reinforcing scale and Transform (Strongly agree, agree,neutral,disagree and strongly diasgree) indicates categories that are in a pre defined order.Here, one level is superior to the other in a specific order.

They are measured in ordinal scale.


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