Chase Opportunity has selected you as the project manager to oversee their latest project – Chase...

Chase Opportunity has selected you as the project manager to oversee their latest project – Chase Retail Complex. Chase’s vision is to build four (4) 10,000 square foot buildings (see concept drawing below). Within each building, suite sizes may vary per customer rental agreement (estimating five (5) 2,000 square foot areas per building). Chase has the funds to cover the total project costs and they have already purchased the land for construction. Chase wants to start construction January 2, 2007 and complete the project as soon as possible.

Develop a work breakdown structure (WBS) and a responsibility matrix (A chart and matrix are required.)

The following work activities should be included in your charts. Look them over and determine the best sequence in which they should be accomplished. Some activities (WBS Level 1) may be performed simultaneously whereas others may not. Using your personal knowledge and research, include at least two (2) sub-activities/sub-levels (WBS Level 2) for each activity. Use each of the two (2) names listed under Support Responsibility as a “Primary” for one of your sub-activities/sub-levels and as “Support” for the other sub-activity/sub-level. The WBS and matrix for Activity “Roof” may look something like these examples.

                                                      Primary                        Support

Activity                                    Responsibility             Responsibility

Roof                                                Jack                      Steve, Wally

HVAC                                              Bill                       Scott, Trevor

Landscaping                                    John                       Lynn, Beth

Paving                                             Greg                         Jeff, Pat

Plumbing                                         Max                     Tyler, Damian

Grading and Site Prep                      Sal                           Jim, Joe

Interior Structure                             Don                     Keith, Andrea

Foundation Construction               Randy                     Mark, Mike

Exterior Structure                            Bob                         Dan, Ken

Electrical                                          Seth                         Neil, Roy

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