Each person in a random sample of 105 ice cream eaters was asked to "vote for"...

Each person in a random sample of 105 ice cream eaters was asked to "vote for" a preferred flavor from the flavors listed in the table below. Flavor Vanilla Chocolate StrawberryChocolate Chip Pecan Number ofVotes21 28 15 18 23 What is the value of the test statistic for the hypothesis that, given these flavor choices, ice cream eaters have no flavor preference? O a. 1.00 o b. 2.14 O C. 4.67 O d. 8.01 O e. 2.55

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Answer #1

The data is:

The Chi-Squared statistic is computed as follows:

Hence the correct answer is:

Let me know in the comments if anything is not clear. I will reply ASAP! Please do upvote if satisfied!

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