1.A poll of 64 people reveals that 63.7% prefer Pepsi to Coca-Cola. You want to test...

1.A poll of 64 people reveals that 63.7% prefer Pepsi to Coca-Cola. You want to test the hypothesis that among the population Coca-Cola is preferred to Pepsi.

Report the z-statistic for this test.

Note: Respondents only have the choice of the two, so Coca-Cola is preferred to Pepsi if the proportion who prefer Pepsi is less than 50%.

2.A poll of 67 Arizonans finds that 49.7% of them say they like Thai food. A similar poll of 62 Californians finds that 31.9% of them say they like Thai food. You want to test whether this difference in these proportions is statistically significant.

Report the z-statistic for this test.

Note: when taking the difference, you should do Arizona - California.

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