The International League of Triple-A minor league baseball consists of 14 teams organized into three divisions:...

The International League of Triple-A minor league baseball consists of 14 teams organized into three divisions: North, South, and West. The following data show the average attendance for the 15 teams in the International League. Also shown are the teams’ records; W denotes the number of games won, L denotes the number of games lost, and PCT is the proportion of games played that were won. A test for any difference in the mean attendance for the three divisions has been requested. Data can be found in the file Triple-A

  1. Report your results in a summary
    1. Introduction: In your own words, briefly discuss the motivation of this research (why would a study on attendance at AAA Baseball games be of importance?).
    2. Graph and Summary statistics: present a graph that summarizes the data along with a table of summary statistics for each variable in the data set. An interpretation must accompany any graph, chart, or table that you use.
    3. Methods: Explicitly state and conduct the appropriate hypothesis test to determine if any significant difference in the mean number people in attendance by division. (All steps should be included)
    4. Discussion: Interpret the statistical decision you arrived at in terms that would be useful for baseball teams and managers. This section should also include suggestions for further research and/or discussion of additional variables that may provide more precise results.
Team Name Division W L PCT Attendance
Buffalo Bisons North 66 77 0.462 8812
Lehigh Valley IronPigs North 55 89 0.382 8479
Pawtucket Red Sox North 85 58 0.594 9097
Rochester Red Wings North 74 70 0.514 6913
Scranton-Wilkes Barre Yankees North 88 56 0.611 7147
Syracuse Chiefs North 69 73 0.486 5765
Charlotte Knights South 63 78 0.447 4526
Durham Bulls South 74 70 0.514 6995
Nashville Sounds South 72 68 0.514 8823
Norfolk Tides South 64 78 0.451 6286
Richmond Braves South 63 78 0.447 4455
Columbus Clippers West 69 73 0.486 7795
Indianapolis Indians West 68 76 0.472 8538
Louisville Bats West 88 56 0.611 9152
Toledo Mud Hens West 75 69 0.521 8234

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