Using tables, Excel formulas, etc. Part I - Do Students Really Cheat? (30%) In a recent...

Using tables, Excel formulas, etc.

Part I - Do Students Really Cheat? (30%) In a recent poll 400 students were asked about their experiences with witnessing academic dishonesty among their classmates. Suppose 172 students admitted to witnessing academic dishonesty, 205 stated they did not and 23 had no opinion. Use the sign test and a significance of 0.05 to determine whether there is a difference between the number of students that have witnessed academic dishonesty compared to those that have not.

Part II – Is There Really a Difference in Studying vs. “Obtaining Answers” (30%) Salaries were collected by recent graduates that were placed in groups that either admitted to dishonesty during college or they were honest the entire degree. We wish to test if after graduation their salaries are the same or if there is a difference in their salaries? Use a level of significance of 0.10. Be sure to clearly state what you are testing as well as interpret your final results. The data is as follows:

Honest Dishonest
43500 13500
32700 32500
36800 33000
53000 12900
47690 33500
32255 32400
81000 18850
35000 21500
42555 39500
55000 22600
42000 53000
32500 41900
41400 32800
43000 41000

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