1. Observation research must be systematic, not casual or haphazard, in its design. True or False...

1. Observation research must be systematic, not casual or haphazard, in its design. True or False

2. An observation checklist should possess a high degree of precision in defining relevant facts to be observed. True or False

3. When the observer’s presence is known by the participant, but the purpose of the observation is unknown, this is an example of partial concealment. True or False

4, When a researcher chooses to manipulate an independent variable for an experiment, this is called the experimental treatment. True or False

5. If a researcher determines to evaluate three different flavor formulations of chocolate ice cream in an experiment, these flavor formulations are called treatment levels. True or False

6. When a researcher chooses to conduct an experiment in a lab rather than in a field setting, he or she is attempting to exert experimental control. True or False

7. Pilot testing is intended to reveal errors in the experiment’s design, such as the improper control of extraneous variables or environmental conditions. True or False

Homework Answers

Answer #1

1 and 2 are True : Basic properties of observational studies

3 False: Concelament observation is what where the presence of observer is remain hidden from the participant

4 True: The independent variable (factor)of design can be manuplited and the differnet level of facotors are known as treatment

5 Fasle : Because these levels are known as factor levels or simlpy say treatmens not treatment levels

6 True : lab experiment provide more accurracy

7 True: pilot testing is kind of pre research before going in the real field and always helps in reducing errror

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