2.) When a car is randomly selected, the number of bumper stickers and the corresponding probabilities...

2.) When a car is randomly selected, the number of bumper stickers and the corresponding probabilities are: 0 (0.814); 1 (0.083); 2 (0.044); 3 (0.019); 4 (0.012); 5 (0.008); 6 (0.008); 7 (0.004); 8 (0.004); 9 (0.004);
a.) Does the given information describe a probability distribution? Explain why

b.) Assuming that a probability distribution is described, find its mean and standard deviation.
c.) Use the range rule of thumb to identify the range values for unusual numbers of bumper stickers. d.) Is it unusual for a car to havve more than one bumper sticker? Explain

3.) Assume that a procedure yields a binomial distribution with a trial repeated n=20 times. Use the binomial formula to find the probability of x=5 successes given the probability p=0.25 of success on a single trial.

4.) In the United States, 40% of the population have brown eyes. If 15 people are randomly selected, find the probability that at least 11 of them have brown eyes. Is it unusual to randomly select 15 people and find at least 11 of them have brown eyes? Why or why not?

5.) In a past presidential election, the actual voter turnout was 59%. In a survey, 1002 subjects were asked if they voted in the presidential election.
a.) Find the mean and standard deviation for the number of actual voters in groups of 1002.
b.) In the survey of 1002 people, 711 said that they voted in the last presidential election. Is this result consistent with the actual voter turnout, or is this result unlikely to occur with an actual voter turnout of 59% Why or why not?

c.) Based on these results, does it appear that accurate voting results can be obtained by asking voters how they acted?

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