I chose Ghana for my selected country, For your selected country, identify the former colonial ruling...

I chose Ghana for my selected country,

For your selected country, identify the former colonial ruling country.

Identify your selected country's date of independence from the colonial ruling country, and discuss the length of time the slave trade operated there.

Discuss how the depopulation and fractured familial relationships inherent in the slave trade have affected your chosen country. Be sure to support your discussion with relevant examples.

Are these effects still felt today? If so, how? Provide examples.

Based on your review of this information, what conclusions can you draw about the slave trade and its effects on your selected country?

Based on your key findings and conclusions, what recommendations do you have to help improve the conditions in the country now? Make sure your recommendations:

include specific interventions or strategies to address the issues and constraints identified

are feasible (politically and operationally)

are realistic (short- and long-term)

Homework Answers

Answer #1

GHANA: COLONIAL RULE, TRADITION OF SLAVE TRADE, CURRENT SITUATION AND SOME RECOMMENDATION Ghana, now known as a republic of Ghana, is named after the mediaeval West African Ghana emperor, Ghana and became famous in Europe. That means Ghana is also so-called discovered by Europeans as they discovered America and Asia and made them colonial. Well if discovered by them then they have the right to rule that country. at least they believe so. White man's burden. Ghana was an agricultural country before 600 A.D.Then highly regional kingdoms have been established during the end of the classic era. But soon after that, the fall of the kingdom started. Highly specialized bureaucracy is regarded as the reason for the fall of the kingdom. Before the European coming to this region which had happened during the 15th century when colonialism started, The Portuguese, of course, was the first European power to come to Ghana. Because they were the first to start expanding the empire. But The slave trade of Ghana wasn't pre European. It's post-European because there are examples of Ghana kings buying slaves from Portuguese. Ghana is known as the gold coast of course because of its prominence of gold. And by the end of the 171st century, Ghana's slave trade was in the hand of Africa. Most of the states by that time was engaged in the Slave-trade and some of the slaves were brought from the other regions as well. Then British rule came and other developments happened such as national struggle and social developments and independent government Slave Trade and Ghana: Remanence of the slave trade is still visible today in Ghana. There are many sites in Ghana which is preserved and still existing there.thousands of people visit these places in months and annually from all over the world. Although there was some evidence of the existence of the slave trade in Ghana prior to the European arrival, for example, there is evidence of trading slave to the Muslim world. But still, some scholars believe that it was Europeans who encouraged and popularized this trade. There are centres for slave trade established by British, Portuguese, Dutch, French etc. There is a constant government effort going on to make people having faith in themselves and not to encourage slave trade in recent time from the government of Ghana. Scholars all over the world have condemned the slave trade and Africa for continuing it. Many want to blame the European powers to encourage that. They are of course to be blamed. Because they make many people believed that white race is the superior race and the people with black skin are for manual labour or slaves .this theory seemed to be bought by people at that time but national struggles against colonialism dismiss these. so does the theories of Postcolonialism. But years-long practice takes time to go away. Even U.S. A, who declares themselves as the Land of free people, didn't give rights to black people till a very recent time. Not only government some cultural aspects also can contribute to it. For example, the movie like 12 years a slave draws attention towards such causes and we need to make more movies like this which can cure social causes and al last can address them. That's one recommendation that's a soft solution. The hard solution again will be coming from the society. we teach our children from their childhood to respect people and give the right to all of the people irrespective of anything such as race, colour, gender etc Government can take some hard measures to prohibit some practices and with strict penalty Another measures which has been taken by governments already which is making students , new generations aware about their glorifying past and rich cultural heritage.   

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