*MINIMUM 250 WORDS* Discussion Questions: (Please address two of the three) Gardner is one of the...


Discussion Questions: (Please address two of the three)

Gardner is one of the first to discuss an alternative interpretation of intelligence. Describe Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences? Do you agree or disagree with this model? Why? Which of Gardner’s intelligences is your strength?

Is there a “general intelligence” that can be measured by tests?   If so, what might be some of the things that you could use as test items that would tap into this general form of intelligence that would not be overly affected by cultural matters? If not, why not?

Intelligence testing is used every day in school settings usually testing for learning disabilities. After reading the chapter and associated materials, what are the pros and cons of testing a child’s IQ?

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Answer #1

Howard Gardeners multiple intelligence theory speaks about people harboring 8 given intelligences and they have a higher potential in one of those.

I, in my opinion, belive in Howard gardeners theory, as there are multiple spheres people can be smart in as opposed to onw sphere that we are all taught to adhere to.

I feel I am on the verbal linguistic spectrum.

There is apparently general tests that measure general intelligence, but they usually only test mathematical and analytical abilities and neglect the other few.

Pros and cons of testing IQ are that you can assess if the child has any form of learning or mental disability, or Has MR.

The con would be that it subjects the child through labelling and thus self fulfilling profecy.

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