1. How did Ray Charles change the meaning of song "It Must Be Jesus"? 2. Describe...

1. How did Ray Charles change the meaning of song "It Must Be Jesus"?
2. Describe the tone of "When the Revolution Comes". What line or lines struck you as most provocative or interesting?
3. What are some aspects of Run-DMC's performance in "It's Like That" that make the song feel more hopeful than the lyrics might indicate.
4. What role did Alice Cooper play in taking the Detroit rock sound beyond Detroit?

5.Which economic policy of the 1980's led to the highest deficit in American history, an increased gap between rich and poor, a massive redistribution of wealth back to the wealthy and a stock market crash in 1987?

Economic Stimulus

New Deal

Supply-side Economics (trickle-down theory)

National Savings Plan

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Answer #1

The song "I got a woman" is co-written and recorded by American R&B and Ray Charles. The song builds on "It must be jesus", by Southern tones. Ray Charles along with his band was hearing this song on radio. They then penned a song with gospel-frenetic pace with secular lyrics and jazz-inspired rhythm and blues. It was the first song to use such a style and first soul record. Though it created lot of static among the people, but it was widely accepted by black and white community. In this song, Charles sings about an woman who helps him in many ways.

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