1- Magna Carta expressed the idea Select one: a. that only nobles need to consent to...


Magna Carta expressed the idea

Select one:

a. that only nobles need to consent to taxation.

b. that the king is bound by the law.

c. that all people should have the right of free speech.

d. all of the above


Compared to the Benedictine monastaries of the 6th and 7th centuries, the Cluniac monasteries of the 11th century were more

Select one:

a. focused on missionary activity.

b. democratic in their election of new abbots.

c. interested in leading lives of poverty, chastity, and service.

d. obedient to the Pope in Rome.


The medieval society depicted by vernacular epic poems in the 11th century can be best described as

Select one:

a. romantic and sensual.

b. extremely concerned with monastic life.

c. representing men and women equally.

d. bloody and violent.


Compared with early medieval Christianity, Catholic spiritualiy in the 13th and 14th centuries seems more concerned with

Select one:

a. the importance of local saints and miracle stories.

b. an intense identification with Christ, his life, and his sufferings.

c. inward spiritual development, resulting form a withdrawal from society and its ills .

d. a devotion to the relics of honored Christian saints.


The key to strength of the Spanish monarchies of the High Middle Ages lay in

Select one:

a. their success in conquering Muslim territory and acquiring plunder and tribute.

b. their Mediterranean commercial empires.

c. their peaceful relations with each other.

d. all of the above

Homework Answers

Answer #1

Ans 1. (d) All of the above

The Magna Carta Latin for Great Charter was a step toward limiting the power of the King. Magna Carta refers to a document signed by King John of England in 1215. As a signatory to this document, King John was forced to abide by certain conditions such as he could no longer tax without the permission of a council of noblemen.

Ans 2.(d) obedient to the Pope in Rome.

Ans 3. (d) bloody and violent

Ans 4. (b) the intense identification with Christ his life, and his sufferings.

Ans 5.(d)

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