1. What is the “Magic” income level for a worker in the United States where they...

1. What is the “Magic” income level for a worker in the United States where they are happy? What is your "Magic" income level?

Explain your rational.


A co-worker, Jessica, asks to add you as a friend on Facebook. You accept the request. Since you now have access to Jessica’s Facebook page, you can see things such as her political views, affiliations, her list of likes, the groups she is a fan of, and after-hours photos of her that some may think are inappropriate.

Ethically speaking, is it acceptable to talk to other co-workers, or even Jessica’s supervisor, about things you learned about Jessica from Facebook?

Is this information fair game since it is postedonline, and Jessica shared it with you willingly as her online friend or should you keep this information confidential as would probably do if you learned it during a one-on-one conversation over coffee?

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Answer #1

1. In my opinion, the magic income level in America, is the national minimum household income which is somewhere between 75000 dollars a year for an upper middle class family. Most people strive towards reaching it as different jobs have different salary levels.
For me, it should be at least 75000 dollars because I should be able to live a happy life and spend more for my children's education that would decide their fate as schools charge huge amount these days, besides, prices have gone up. I understand that money won't bring happiness but without money, there is no happiness in our society.

2. I think it would be unfair and unethical to tell anyone about the inappropriate content to anyone except Jessica herself because someone's Facebook page is like their personal space. When one invites someone into that space, one trust others and if I break that trust it would be very unethical. I can distance myself from Jessica and that would be the right choice that I could make.

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