General Psychology Discuss the different ways we can process information into our long-term memory. Give an...

General Psychology

Discuss the different ways we can process information into our long-term memory. Give an example of each method from your own life.


Be thorough when describing a concept.Tell me what you know about the topic.

You should be able to recognize how the principles we talk about apply to your life.This is the main point of the paper.

The paper must be typed double-spaced in Times New Roman 12-point font. This makes it easier for me to read.

No more than three typed pages is probably too long (somewhere around two pages is about right)

Homework Answers

Answer #1
  • Introduction:

'Memory is the means by which we draw on our past experiences in order to use this information in the present' (Sternberg, 1999).

Memory can be seen as an information processing system. The long term memory stores information for a long period of time.Memory is a process used to Encode, Store and Retrieve information.

Encoding: Encoding is the process through we put information into our brains. This information is then encoded/labelled into our brain automatically.

Storage: Once the information has been encoded successfully, this information is then placed in a storage.

Inorder for the information to be stored as a Long Term Memory(LTM), it has to pass through 3 stages:

A. Sensory Memory

B.Short Term Memory(STM)

C.Long Term Memory(LTM)

Information from the environment is first processed in the Sensory Memory. This includes sight, sound and taste. Sensory Memory processes the information gained through the sensory memory.

Retrieval: Retrieval is the process of getting information from the memory storage. There are 3 ways to recall information from our memory storage: Recall, Recognition, and Re-learning

  • Long Term Memory, and How to Process Information into it:-

Long Term Memory is divided into two types:

1. Explicit or Declarative                   2. Implicit ot Non-Declarative

Explicit or Declarative memory contains the information that we are consciusly trying to remember.

For example, our Driving License Number, a new Cell Phone Number, etc.

Implicit or Non-Declarative contains information that allows us do our tasks without realising that we are recalling the memory.

For Example, after a certain period of time, a person playing a Piano can play a song without consciously trying to remember the keys.

Ways to Store Information in Long Term Memory:

1. Use Multiple Ways to Present the Information: An effecttive way to store the information into the Long Term Memory is through capturing the information through Visual or Audio form. For example, to memorize a particular concept, it is effective to view data in visual form in videos or a scenario.

2. Associating the new Information with existing Information: In this method, the new information is associated with an already existing information. For example, the term "Backula Administration Tool" can be simply be remembered as Bat(already existing information)(based on first letter of each word).

3. Repetition: Repeating a particular concept aloud or in the mind can store the memory in LTM. This is an effective way as the same information gets re-inforced again and again into the storage system, which stabilizes it inside te LTM.

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