Analyse this article by - Mulvaney, M. K., & Mebert, C. J. (2007). Parental corporal punishment...

Analyse this article by - Mulvaney, M. K., & Mebert, C. J. (2007). Parental corporal punishment predicts behavior problems in early childhood. Journal of Family Psychology, 21(3), 389-397.

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What are your reactions to the research: Did anything surprise you? Do you think they used an appropriate method? If not, what would you have done differently? What would you suggest for future research on this topic?

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The statistical data reveals the impact of corporal punishment on the development and growth of their child in families. The data indicates few important features in life as follows like:

  • families in first-grade outcome had higher salaries as compared to other family groups.
  • mothers in first-grade families have higher eduational level and status as compared to the other families.
  • there are more caucasian families than the african -american families.
  • ethnicity and religious backgrounds are diverse among the studty groups.

The mean, and standard deviation with p-values was calculated for various groups of repetition of the data under the prevalent conditions. Yes, the methods of measurement are according to the mathematical principles. The various other important factors studied include the maternal mental depression levels, income ,sensitivity, temperament and nature related to the environmental factors and demographic studies on the different ethnic groups.Cronbach alpha values were calculated on the basis of the statistical values of variables used in the study.

The important surprising thing is that the statistical testing was done only on the females in various groups and not on the males in the experimental study or the values are not reported in the experimental research study.

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