There are several children's authors who host websites with ideas for reading their books or conducting...

There are several children's authors who host websites with ideas for reading their books or conducting follow up activities. I want you to visit twowebsites. The first one is listed here- choose a story (click on the book) and see what you can find. You can listen to the author read it to you by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on the video. Ms. Plourde will show you some possible techniques to involve children in the reading.

You need to find a second website connected with a children's author, an illustrator or perhaps the publisher of a children's book that you like.

For this discussion:

1. Tell what story you heard/ technique you learned from Lynn Plourde.

2. Give the web address for the website you found

3. Give a brief description of what you found at this site, what you liked about it and why you think it would be a useful for a preschool teacher

Homework Answers

Answer #1

1. On Lynn Plourde’s website, several blog posts are shared to help individuals become better writers and readers. Many of these articles can be applied to adults as well. For example, analysing who characters in a book interact with each one and how the language they use to express themselves as an important indicator of who they are.


3. Eric Carle is known to write and illustrate stories based on his knowledge and love of nature. In his website, there is extensive information about his work along with several resources that can assist preschool teachers. For instance, there is a discussion forum where teachers share creative ways in which they have used Eric Carle’s Books in classroom settings. There is also an availability of downloadable material such as colouring books, collage making instruction sheets, etc.

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