1. If you wanted to trigger someone's left hand to make a fist you would have...

1. If you wanted to trigger someone's left hand to make a fist you would have to

A. Electrically shut down their right motor cortex

B.Electrically stimulate their right motor cortex

C.Electrically stimulate their left motor cortex

D.Electrically stimulate their left temporal lobe

2. Your boss tells you that you have to work overtime on Saturday when you had planned to have lunch with friends. Your first impulse is to tell your boss you're quitting. Instead, you decide to just do the overtime. The part of your brain most responsible for controlling this impulse is

A.association areas in the parietal cortex

B.prefrontal cortex

C. Language areas in the temporal and parietal lobes

D. The thalamus

3.What is the biggest drawback to the EEG method of recording brain activity?

A. It gives poor information about the timing of brain activity.

B. It has poor spatial resolution.

C. It can only be used on adults.

D. It involves exposure to radioactivity

4. The _________ nervous system is responsible for ensuring the continuity of life-sustaining processes, such as digestion, heart rate, and breathing.

A. parasympathetic

B. Sympathetic

C. Sensory

D. Somatic

5. Which of the following patients is most likely to experience extensive recovery from his or her brain damage?

A.Anna, whose entire right hemisphere was removed when she was 3.

B. John, who experienced damage to his left motor cortex at the age of 59

C. Frank, whose brainstem damage was destroyed in a car crash at the age of 17.

D. Elise, Whose hippocampus was severely damaged when she suffered encephalitis at the age of 32.

Homework Answers

Answer #1

1. B. Electrically stimulate their right motor cortex

The left side of the brain is controlled by the right hemisphere, this rule is only changed in case of vision.

2. B. prefrontal cortex

The pre frontal cortex is also referred to as the impulsivity control area which is responsible for carrying out the executive functions that includes impulse control, judgment, emotion management and critical thinking.

3. A. It gives poor information about the timing of brain activity.

This stays as one of the major disadvantages where it becomes very difficult to identify the pockets in the brain from which the electrical activity is arising. Some idea can be obtained by adding many electrodes but it doesn’t give a proper idea.

4. A. parasympathetic

Resting and digestion and lowering heart rate is the action of the parasympathetic nervous system whereas the sympathetic nervous system causes the flight or fight response.

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