Analyse this article by - Mulvaney, M. K., & Mebert, C. J. (2007). Parental corporal punishme......

Analyse this article by - Mulvaney, M. K., & Mebert, C. J. (2007). Parental corporal punishme... Analyse this article by - Mulvaney, M. K., & Mebert, C. J. (2007). Parental corporal punishment predicts behavior problems in early childhood. Journal of Family Psychology, 21(3), 389-397.

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Provide the answer in an essay format.

a. What was the researcher's question or hypothesis (there may be more than one)?

b. What was the independent variable? What was the dependent variable (s)?

c. Who were the participants?

d. How did the researchers measure each of the key variables?

Homework Answers

Answer #1

A. In their study, Mulvnaey and Mebert (2007) explored  the impact of corporal punishment (CP) on children’s behavior problems. The primary research question was to find out the existence and direction of influence of parental behavior on developmental outcomes for the childrenproblem behaviours which are both externalised such as aggression towards others and internalized such as developing low self esteem, low self regard, etc at 36 months and first grade. The researchers framed an additional hypothesis that contextual variables such a small child’s temperament and ethnicity ( especially in African American children) would moderate the relationship between corporal punishment and negative development outcomes.

B.  The use of corporal punishment by parents was used a study the independent variable in the study. the overall quality of the family environment based on assessment of the family on the Home Observation for the Measurement of the Environment (HOME) was used to determine the level of corporal punishment.

The extent of the presence of negative behavioral problems in adjustment and negative temperament in children at both 36 months and at 1st grade, was used as the dependent variable.

c. In the study, the researchers used the dyad of mother and child as research participants.

D. The study involved A Multiple method approach using both interviews with the mother and observing the family in a naturalistic setting during an extended repeated observation process. Two items from HOME were used: (a) an interview with the mother, to determine whether the children had been spanked more than once in the previous week, and (b) the test administrators’ observation of whether the children were spanked in their presence. Scores could range from 0 to 2, depending on whether the answer to neither, one, or both of the items was a yes.

The data was collected using the longitudinal design at 36 months and when the children had reached 1st grade. By combining the data from self’s report said of parents and the reseracher’s Observations, the data and was analysed to find out whetehr the effects at the earlier age were more pronounced in children with difficult temperaments and how far was Corporal punishment likely play a role in triggering and maintaining children’s behavior problems.

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