: Billy (9 years old) cuts through the parking lot of a supermarket on the way...

: Billy (9 years old) cuts through the parking lot of a supermarket on the way home from school. In the bike rack by the wall he sees a beautiful racing bike that he really wants. It seems to be unlocked, and no one is around. Using Kohlberg's work as a guide, what do you think is going through Billy's mind? What action(s) do you think he will do next? Remember to support your writing with research.

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According to the Kohlberg's moral development theory, the child is in the first stage of the conventional level of moral development. In this stage a child conforms with other people as to what is considered good and bad. In this stage, they gain approval of others by behaving in way which is expected of them socially. So, in this example, the boy will be see the bike unlocked at the parking lot but will think that even though he likes the bike and it is unlocked, he should not steal any persons property as it is wrong, and those who steal are not good people. This reasoning of judging action by good and bad is characteristic of this stage.

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