write a 700 word essay. select two assessment tools that mental health professionals use to assess...

write a 700 word essay.

select two assessment tools that mental health professionals use to assess anxiety. Be sure to address the following in your essay:

How does anxiety impact the body, mind, and spirit of an individual?

What are the basic features of each assessment tool you are analyzing?

In what ways are they similar?

How do they differ?

What might cause a mental health professional to select one tool over the other based on client's differing needs?

Include at least three scholarly sources.    Thank you for helping

Homework Answers

Answer #1
  • The Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale (HAM-A) is a widely used interview measure designed to assess anxiety. Although it predates current conceptualizations of GAD, it assesses several of the associated symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). The HAM-A features both psychic and somatic anxiety subscales.
  • The psychic subscale, which is comprised of items that address the more subjective cognitive and affective components of anxious experience (e.g., anxious mood, tension, fears, difficulty concentrating), is particularly useful in assessing the severity of GAD.
  • In contrast, the somatic subscale emphasizes features of GAD that are somewhat less typical, including autonomic arousal, respiratory and cardiovascular symptoms. The HAM-A has become an industry standard in clinical trials of pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy for GAD.
  • Another scale that was developed,was the Generalized Anxiety Disorder Severity Scale (GADSS). The GADSS was explicitly designed to be a specific measure of GAD severity, and it facilitates probing of typical domains of worry (e.g., future, health, finances, relationships) and detection of the six associated symptoms defining GAD.
  • Severity is assessed by ratings of frequency and distress due to worrying, the associated symptoms of GAD, and impairment/interference in social and work functioning. Preliminary evaluation has shown that the GADSS has good reliability, validity and treatment sensitivity over HAM-A scale.
  • Self-report measures have the advantages of brevity, ease of administration and scoring, and a decreased demand on human resources, which are often limited in high-volume outpatient clinics and private practice settings.
  • The Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI) and the Trait Anxiety subscale of the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI-T) are among the most widely used self-report measures of anxiety, although each has limitations.
  • The BAI is biased toward somatic and panic-like symptoms of anxiety, which have been shown to be less characteristic of GAD, whereas the STAI-T appears to confound anxiety and depression and may be more a measure of general negative affectivity than anxiety.
  • Despite this limitation, the STAI-T has demonstrated sensitivity to treatment change in studies of cognitive-behavioral therapy for GAD.
  • Due to time limit,any remaining questions can be asked as another question,they will be answered,thankyou for your cooperation
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