Answer the following multiple choice questions: 1- With ______________________training you will learn to relax at the...

Answer the following multiple choice questions:


With ______________________training you will learn to relax at the first sign of the stress response.

high intensity
coping skills

right brain

2- Evidence reveals that _______________protocol works to control the anger response.

mind bending
anger inoculation

mindful eating

3- The stress response -- fight or flight -- is an important component of anger.



4- Anger-triggering thoughts often distort reality in all of the following ways but one:

Blaming --someone else is responsible for your pain
Magnifying -- tendency to take what is uncomforatble and frame it as worse

Being centered -- in the present moment, breathing in and out as you expand awareness and develop clarity.

Global labels -- paints the other person as totally bad, worthless and ignores the reality that you are dealing with another human being

5- Steps to anger inoculation include:

relaxation skills
coping thoughts
inoculation and real-life coping
all of the above

A & B only

6- The first step to get started with self-hypnosis is to appreciate the power of suggestion.



7- It is common to incorporate the aspects of mental imagery and diaphragmatic breathing with autogenic training.


Homework Answers

Answer #1

1. The answer is Option 2, coping skills. The training of coping skills involves learning how to tackle and address a particular stressful situation.

2. The answer is Option 3, anger inoculation. This type of training involves replacing anger with relaxation and other strategies during anger inducing situations.

3. The answer is Option 1, True. This is because anger arises out of some perceived threat to self or others. Now the fight or flight response is the physiological mechanism of the body that helps it prepare to tackle the threat.

4. The answer is Option 3, being centred. Being centred is a process that requires metacogntion wherein an individual is taking a step away from a situation which does not come naturally in anger inducing situations.

Kindly post the other questions separately, as we are supposed to answer just 4 questions from a related topic.

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