Can someone tell me if i am wrong on any of these??????? THANKS identify the following...

Can someone tell me if i am wrong on any of these??????? THANKS

identify the following statements that are all examples of the following types of reasoning: causal, analogical, specific instance (inductive), principle (deductive).

1.­­­­­­­_________principle________ Since I started taking vitamins, I've had so much more energy.

2.­_________analogical reasoning________ This spring has been just like the spring of 1995. We can expect a hot, dry summer.

3. ________casual reasoning_________ Everyone knows that children from broken homes are the juvenile delinquents of tomorrow. I expect to see my neighbor’s kids in court some day. Ever since the divorce, their parents have had nothing but trouble out of him.

4. __________casual reasoning_______ My cat ate that new cat food and got sick. I’m not buying it anymore.

5. ________specific instance_________ Contrary to what the chemical industry argues, limiting pesticide use does not threaten the food supply. Sweden has cut back on pesticides by 50 percent over the last few years with almost no decrease in its harvest. The Campbell Soup Company also uses no pesticides on tomatoes grown in Mexico, and they reap as much fruit as ever. Many California farmers who practice pesticide-free agriculture have actually experienced increases in their crop yields.

6. ________casual reasoning_________ There are always lights on at their house late into the evening. They must have a lot of parties.

7. _________casual reasoning________ I’ve been on a diet for 3 weeks now and my social life has really improved. I should have dieted three years ago.

Homework Answers

Answer #1

1. Causal reasoning, because you’re saying that you started feeling energetic because you had vitamins.

3. Principle or Deductive reasoning, because you’re making a statement about the sun from an existing knowledge of juvenile delinquency.

5. Analogical reasoning. This is because you’re including several examples to support your claim.

6. Specific instance or interential reasoning. This is because you’re making an observation about the lights being on and then forming your conclusion about parties being held.

The rest all look good to me!

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