Armstrong argues for the view that mind is an inner cause of an immaterial soul. T...

Armstrong argues for the view that mind is an inner cause of an immaterial soul.

T or F

Armstrong was only critical of classical behaviorism, not Ryle’s logical behaviorism.

T or F

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It is False, that according to Armstrong mind is an inner cause of an immaterial soul. This is because according to Armstrong, mind is a material which is purely physico-chemical. He gives a scientific view of the mind with a materialistic account.

It is False, that Armstrong was not critical to Ryle's Logical Behaviorism. Armstrong found Ryle's theory unsatisfactory however he did say that it is useful to understand that mind is a state of logically tied behaviour. He added that thought is not speech under suitable circumstances, instead if a person finds a circumstance suitable it results in speech.In such ways, Armstrong modified Ryle's behaviorism.

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