Question # 6: What is the difference between associative learning, reinforcement, conditioned stimuli, and discriminative stimuli?...

Question # 6: What is the difference between associative learning, reinforcement, conditioned stimuli, and discriminative stimuli?

Question # 7: What is the difference between incentive salience and goal-directed behavior?

Question # 8: Compare and contrast the drive theory of drug addiction and the opponent-process theory of drug addiction?

Question # 9: How does animal models of drug self-administration and drug reinstatement related to human models of drug relapse?

Question # 10: How does the nucleus accumbens relates to the theories of drug addiction outlined in the chapter?

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Associative learning is a principle that iaeas and expeerince reinforce each other and can be mentally link one another wheather reinforcement is consequences to strength the future behaviour and modification of Behaviour in desirable manner .Rainforcement can be two types 1.positive reinforcement like award , appriciation on learner Behavior to further repeat this desirable repeat this Behaviour and negetive reinforcement is eliminating undesirable behaviour like punshiment.

condition stimulus concept are given by pavolve in his theory classical condition .in his experiment, he would ringing the bell each time to present his food .eventually bell was neutral status at starting time and food was unconditional stimulus .so eventually the dog learns to to associate the bell with food at which point bell become conditioned stimulus .at once conditioned stimulus (bell) can able to evoke responce without unconditional responce (food) which is kknown as conditoned responce.


incentive salience is type of motivation components to rewards a stimuli .Rewarding is attractive and motivational property of a stimulus which induce appetitive behaviour .For example , various incentive of stimulus can give to remove alchohol addiction of a person .

Goal directed Behaviour is based on representation of contigency between a certain situations , a certain reaction , a certain goal directed behaviour , behaviour is exibited on the basis of certain purpose which will helps to bring outcome through his action.

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