I1/I2 = (D2)2/(D1)2               ------->                  I1(D1)2 = I2(D2)2 Given a reading of 50mR

I1/I2 = (D2)2/(D1)2               ------->                  I1(D1)2 = I2(D2)2

  1. Given a reading of 50mRem/hr, gamma radiation, at 10 feet, what would be the reading at 15 feet?
  1. An X-Ray machine delivers a radiation dose of 15mRem/hr. at 20ft from the machine. How far will the X-Ray technician have to move to reduce his exposure to 7mRem/hr.?
  1. An explosion inside a nuclear plant resulted in an exposure of 250 Rem/hr. 2 miles away. How far will you have to move away to decrease your exposure to 15 Rem/hr.?

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