2. On a boat trip with friends, you are given the responsibility to make sure the...

2. On a boat trip with friends, you are given the responsibility to make sure the boat doesn’t sink due to
overloading. Your boat is rectangular in shape, with dimensions x = 1.0 m, y = 2.0 m, z = 0.50 m and
a mass 45 kg. The density of water is 1, 000 kg/m3. Being the good engineer you are, you decide to
test the boat’s loading capacity in a backyard swimming pool before the trip. The boat’s manufacturer
states that the boat is safe as long as 1/3 of its height is above the waterline.
(a) What is the maximum mass that can be safely loaded onto your boat?
(b) To simulate your load, you place bricks in the boat. As you do so, you notice that a failure is
imminent due to a manufacturing defect, and you quickly begin throwing bricks out of the boat
and into the pool where they sink. As you do so, does the water level in the pool rise, fall, or stay
the same? Explain your answer.
(c) After getting all the bricks out, the manufacturing defect causes a hole to open in the boat, 20 cm
below the waterline. Find the speed of the water as it enters the boat

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