⦁   A person sitting in a stationary boat notices that it takes the water waves 2...

⦁   A person sitting in a stationary boat notices that it takes the water waves 2 seconds to pass the entire length of the boat that is 12 m. Calculate the speed of the water waves. Show your calculation.

12/2 = 6m/s

⦁   The person in Question #1 also notices the water waves passing by the bow of the ship once every 4 seconds. b) What are the frequency and c) the wavelength of the water waves? Show all your calculations.

⦁   Describe what happens to the fundamental frequency of a guitar string when the string is loosened? Cite evidence from the lab activities.

⦁   How many nodes and how many antinodes are there when the spring oscillates in each of its first 3 harmonic modes? (Refer to Figure 1.) Complete the table below.

   Harmonic   1st   2nd   3rd  

   Node #              

   Antinode #              

⦁   A violin string is oscillating at a frequency of 880 Hz (1 Hz = 1 full cycle / second) in its 2nd harmonic. What would be the frequency of the fundamental vibrational mode?

⦁   The audible range of human hearing is roughly from about 20 Hz to 20000 Hz. Calculate the wavelengths of sound waves at these two frequencies. (Assume T = 25.0 °C.)

⦁   Suppose you send out two different frequencies that reflect off a wall on the opposite side of the room. One frequency is 100 Hz and the other is 1000 Hz. Which (if either) will echo back to the microphone the fastest? Cite evidence from the lab activities.

⦁   Consider the three waveforms (A, B, C) shown below.

(A)               (B)               (C)

a) Which waveform has the greatest frequency?

(b) Which waveform has the greatest amplitude?

9.   Using the average speed that you calculated for the speed of sound in air from just    one of Tables (4-7) and the formula for the temperature dependence of the actual    speed of sound in air:


calculate the temperature of the “air” the simulation of Part III. Show your calculation

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