**Please do not write in handwriting** 1- You have two screw drivers, one with a handle...

**Please do not write in handwriting**

1- You have two screw drivers, one with a handle that is 8 cm long and 2 cm wide and the other is 8 cm long and 5 cm wide. Assume the size of the driver head is the same in each case, which one would likely be the most effective to loosen a stubborn screw? Why?

2- Discuss the following sentence: The moment of inertia of an object will be greater for a larger-massed object than for a smaller-massed object.

3- The center of gravity is a useful point at which to balance an object. For instance, a ruler can be balanced by placing its center on your finger. Is it possible for the center of gravity of an object to be located at a point where no material exists to balance the object? Give examples.

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Answer #1

The one with size 8cm and 5 cm will be more effectively because this will provide greater torque for the same amount of force you apply. And larger torque will unscrew the nut easily and quickly.

This is not true. Moment of inertia depends on the distribution of mass in he space. For example consider a ring and a disk of same mass and same radius. Moment of inertia for ring is I=MR^2

And for disk I=(MR^2) /2 hemce we see moment if inertia for same mass is not same.

Yes it is possible. Think of a ring of mass m and radius r. Place is horizontally. It's center of gravity is at the center where no mass exists.

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