When should one use the test charge equation to solve a problem? To study the field...

  1. When should one use the test charge equation to solve a problem?
  1. To study the field
  2. To study an accumulation of electric charge
  3. To study the work to move a charge, without gaining acceleration
  4. To study the energy to needed to move a charge against the field

  1. If q0 and q are infinitely far apart, their interaction would have a measurement of …
  1. All real values
  2. All values on that line integral
  3. Zero
  4. Unknown due to the unknown distance of infinite

  1. If given the following info, what would you know?

E0 = EF

  1. It shows that the system is not enclosed
  2. Energy is being created
  3. The total Work of the system will equal zero
  4. Conservation law of energy is does not apply

Homework Answers

Answer #1

1. a option is correct.

Test charge is use to find the electric field strength is referred to as a test charge since it is used to test the field strength. The test charge has a quantity of charge denoted by the symbol q.

F = kQq/r^2

2. Zero...c is correct option

We know

Electric potential=kqQ/r

Ifbr will be infinity then potential will be zero.

3. C option is correct.

Total work done of system will be zero.

Other option are

Energy never created.

Conservation of law of energy is applicable of no loss takes place.

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