9. Calculate the binding energy for each nucleon of Silver-109. The units of the result must...

9. Calculate the binding energy for each nucleon of Silver-109. The units of the result must be in MeV / nucleon.
The Silver-109 atomic mass is 101 444.78 MeV / C2

5.A ray of light travels from a transparent material to air. The ray is refracted at an angle of 25o with respect to normal. The beam travels at a speed of 2.20 x 108 m / s in the material.
Determine the angle of incidence

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Answer #1


From the information given,

9.) 109Ag62

m = [(62*1.007276) + (47*1.008664)] - 108.9047558 = 0.9535642

E = mc2 = 888.245 MeV

Binding energy per nucleon , = E/109 = 8.15 MeV/nucleon.

5.) First find the refractive index,

n = c/v = 3*108/2.2*108 = 1.364.

Using snells law,

nairSini = nSinr

Sin = 1.364Sin25o

= 35.2o.

I hope you understood the problem and got your answers, If yes rate me!! or else comment for a better solutions.

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