2 A) In many spectra, you will see an overlap of X-rays and gamma rays. What...


A) In many spectra, you will see an overlap of X-rays and gamma rays. What distinguishes X-rays from gamma rays?

B) Explain how GPS can help you to locate your position.

C) Why is a radio station not able to transmit microwaves?

D) A doctor shows a patient an X-ray of a fractured bone. Explain how the image is produced. What kinds of materials can X-rays penetrate? What can X-rays not penetrate?

E) Ultraviolet rays, X-rays, and gamma rays can be very harmful to living things. What is unique about these forms of electromagnetic waves that could cause damage to living cells?

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Answer #1

a) In many spectra X rays overlap Gamma rays, they different in frequency range. Gamm rays have higher frequency than X rays.

b) GPS device can tell you your precise location your position in a process called trilateration. It communicates with three satellites in sight — using high-frequency, low-power radio signals that travel at the speed of light — and then calculates the distance between those satellites and your device.

c) Because microwaves can only be transmitted in line of sight hence radio stations can't transmit microwaves.

d) These rays can cause skin cells to age and can cause some indirect damage to cells' DNA.

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