Each part of this question covers a key concept. Each requires at most a few sentences...

Each part of this question covers a key concept. Each requires at most a few sentences to answer; some are much shorter. Please be concise.

(a) Explain why any tidal effects on Earth caused by the other planets would be extremely small.

(b) State whether the following statement makes sense or not, and explain why: If the moon suddenly collapsed into a black hole without changing in mass, the tides on Earth’s oceans would become significantly larger.

(c) Rank the following black holes based on the magnitude of the tidal forces that they would exert on a spaceship placed near their event horizon. A has mass 10 solar masses, B has mass 100 solar masses, C has mass 106 solar masses.

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Answer #1

tidal effect is due to gravitational pull which is ultimately inversely depends on the square of distance of the planet from earth hence it will be very small as planets are far far away.

2- when moon is converted into blackhole its radius become very small but center of gravity of moon will be same as before and hence gravitational pull still be same and hence tidal effect will be same as before. Hence this statement is not significant

c- mass with higher value will have more tidal pull hence tidal pull can be arranged as c>b>a

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