Phys1011: Atomic Physics :i have these labs without any text book or handouts assigned. i would...

Phys1011: Atomic Physics :i have these labs without any text book or handouts assigned. i would love some insight and help so that i can learn the concepts better and prep for tests thru this.

In this simulation lab, we will look at different models of the hydrogen atom that attempt to explain observations of photons interacting with elemental hydrogen. This is a Java simulation from PhET. Please contact your instructor if you have trouble accessing the simulation. This lab was adapted from PhET material provided by Patricia Loeblein and Ashley Webb.

Before we begin, describe the composition of hydrogen. How many protons are there? How many electrons?  

Light will be represented as particles in this simulation. Although we didn’t spend time on the subject, light can behave as waves or particles, depending on the observations. While this is beyond the scope of the present material, be aware the small dots moving from the bottom of the screen to the top represent light.

Procedure and analysis:

Homework Answers

Answer #1

Hydrogen atom, comprises of a +ve charged nucleus containing one proton, and an electron around it

Hence a hydrogemn atom has onwe proton and one electorn and no neutrons

Light can behave as waevs and particels both depemnding upon the experimetn involved

hence for experimejnts like photoelectric effect, the light is in the form of quantized enerrgy particles called photons

and for interferemnce and superposition, the light behaves as waves

in the epxeriment

we can see that as the wavelength of the photons crosses from UV to Visible wavelengths, the electrons stop getting knocked off from hydrogen atoms and the hydrogen stops getting ionised

this energy of photons is the ionisation enthalapy of the hydrogen atom

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