The maximum depth that submarines can descend into the sea is about 1000 m; further down...

The maximum depth that submarines can descend into the sea is about 1000 m; further down its integrity is already in danger due to high pressures. (Small spherical bathyscaphs have dropped much further.) Inside the submarine there is a pressure of 1.2 atm at which sailors can carry out their lives normally. What pressure difference (between its exterior and interior) is the submarine subjected to at that depth? Give your answer in Pascal units and atmospheres. (Density of sea water: 1.03 g / cm3).

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Pressure at depth 1000m inside the sea is given by hdg

P = hdg

where height h is 1000m
density d = 1.03 g/cm3 = 1030 kg/m3
accleration due to gravity g = 9.8m/s2

So, Pressure P outside the submarine = 1000* 1030* 9.8 = 1.0094 * 107 Pa
Pressure inside the submarine = 1.2 atm = 121590 Pa
Pressure difference = 10094000 - 121590 Pa = 9972410 Pa

For atmospheric unit,

Pressure outside the submarine = 1.0094 * 107 Pa = 99.62 atm
Pressure inside the submarine = 1.2 atm
Pressure difference = 99.62 atm - 1.2 atm= 98.42 atm

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