In the film, "Enter the Dragon," the last scene involves a fight in a house of...

In the film, "Enter the Dragon," the last scene involves a fight in a house of mirrors. Bruce Lee breaks the mirrors to avoid the problem of tracking the villain due to too many reflections. If that house of mirrors were all concave or convex, what would have happened to the images? Explain the effect in terms of reflection, sign conventions, and mirror equations.

Please explain it in detail.

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If all were convex, the villain and all surrounding will be seemed to be smaller compared to original value, and if concave, the villain will either not be visible in the mirror or will be large.

For the images formed by concave mirrors where u<f, the images would have been virtual and enlarged, whereas for the mirrors where u>f<2f, the images would be real so would not have been formed. The images for u>2f would have the same consequences. So, breaking the mirrors would cause only the virtual images (that are very large for the mirrors with large magnification). If Bruce Lee was standing on focal length f, them the image would have been formed at infinity, So in totality, It would depend on the focal length and the distance at which Bruce Lee was standing.

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