1. we will use a voltage divider, which divides voltage into parts. A practical concern about...

1. we will use a voltage divider, which divides voltage into parts. A practical concern about a voltage divider is that it draws current and consumes energy. In digital electronics, a rule of thumb is that the energy consumption of a voltage divider should NOT be more than a few milliwatts. Estimate the order of magnitude of the total resistance if you want to divide a 5 V signal.

2. we will use a piezoelectric speaker or buzzer (often simply called piezo) as a loudspeaker. A piezo generates sound using the piezoelectric effect, in which mechanical motion is created by an electric field (or voltage). Compare the piezo with a traditional speaker (electromagnetic dynamic speaker). Give at least one example of advantage and one example of disadvantage.

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2.example of advantage is it can be connected directly to TTL(Transistor–transistor logic) outputs, although more complex drivers can give greater sound intensity. Typically they operate well in the range of 1-5kHz and up to 100kHz in ultrasound applications.Piezoelectric speakers are frequently used to generate sound in digital quartz watches and other electronic devices, and are sometimes used as tweeters in less-expensive speaker systems, such as computer speakers and portable radios.

disadvantage of this is that

  • The piezoelectric transducer is used for dynamic measurement only.
  • It has high temperature sensitivity.
  • Some crystals are water soluble and get dissolve in high humid environment.
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