use steam tables--- A 2.5-ft3 tank of water at 160 psia and 363.5 o F has...

use steam tables---

A 2.5-ft3 tank of water at 160 psia and 363.5 o F has how many cubic feet of liquid water in it? Assume that you start with 1lb of H 2 0. Could it contain 5 lb of H 2 O under these conditions?

b. What is the volume change when 2 lb of H 2 0 at 1000 psia and 20 o F expands to 245 psia and 460 o F?

c. Ten pounds of wet steam at 100 psia has an enthalpy of 9000 Btu. Find the quality of the wet steam.

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Answer #1

A. volume of tank is 2.5 ft3 at 160 psia and 363.5 o F

fraction of vapor in the mixture is given by x then

Vt is the average volume and VL and V_G are the volume of liquid and gases respectively

we can get the value of specific volume from the steam table

from the steam table we obtain the following data

hence it is possible that tank can contain 5 lb of water under the given conditions.

(B) the data is insufficient to use seam table . To make use of the steam table temperature mus always be greater than 32 F


we can get the values of specific enthalpies from the steam tables

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