Don’t believe the hype! Now that you have a base knowledge of rhetoric and the various...

Don’t believe the hype! Now that you have a base knowledge of rhetoric and the various types of fallacies, you likely identify them frequently while watching television (especially the news) or reading the newspaper. The topic for this discussion is Gun Control. You are to write a persuasive argument supporting your position. You must use three (3) different rhetorical devices, one (1) logical fallacy, and one (1) psychological fallacy in your persuasive argument.

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Answer #1

Ans:- There are different arguments in favour of gun control in the USA like:-

a). There should be limited access of gun to citizens only upto a point of defence.

b). The sporting goods chain Dick's has announced that it would not sell gun to underage people up to 21 years.

c). Government is also trying to review the bill and checking the background of people who are applying for gun.

d). There is wide perception among people to ban on high capcacity magazines, assult style waepons, background check and age criteria of 21 years for gun eligibility.

e). There are about 88 guns per 100 Americans. Also, 22% of people have more than one gun with them. So as per this statistics it is necessary to control gun ownership in America.

f). The second amendment gives the right to people to own gun. But it it doesn't give unlimited right to own guns.

g). Domestic violance is increasing due to gun ownership by men against women.

h). Guns which are legally authorized, are frequently stolen by criminals who use it for robbery and theft.

i). Suicide from gun has also increased in the USA and gun control would reduce the suicide rates.

j). Accidental death due to gun is also a cause of concern for gun owners.

k). Armed people without any combat knowledge make the situation worse rather than controlling it.

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