Management by objective (MBO) has proven effective in many organizations. "MBO is a system of evaluating...

Management by objective (MBO) has proven effective in many organizations. "MBO is a system of evaluating managers by their ability to achieve specific organizational goals or performance standards" (Hill & Jones, 1998, p. 390). My approach to affective tracking during the project is communication. I would first relay the objective to the teams. Each person who has been delegated the tasks would be spoken with. I would encourage their strengths and tell them how important their strengths and knowledge are to the team. By motivating my team members, I can encourage a positive outlook on the project. I ask for feedback regularly and any suggestive ideas. My team would know that the managers do not always have the best answers or solutions. With a willingness to accept their input, I encourage their individual assets. As the project continued, I would monitor, performance, employee behavior, and opportunities for improvement. I would focus if any of these areas fall short and communication and updates fall behind. By addressing these issues, I can be prepared on how t take the next steps. At that point I would work to make the necessary changes needed to promote the integrity of the project. How would you approach the concepts discusses?

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Well, it's true that management by objective is an effective model that helps both management and employees to understand a common direction in the workplace. Management by objective (MBO) is basically a management tool which evaluates managers ability to achieve some specific objectives. To accomplish a project it is necessary to set a platform between manager and team members. Both should understand each others role in handling a project. So in my opinion communication is a key factor which plays a major role in completing a project. Next comes the ability of team members. It's necessary that the manager should encourage team members' knowledge and skills. A continuous motivation should be there to push the employees to contribute their best. Monitoring of employee performance, behaviour and progress of the project are the parts of a continuing project. My focus will be on monitoring the performance of the team members, project duration and the needs of the team members. If i find any lacuna then i will try to update it as first as possible. If there is any major issue then i will take some time to find out the solution and coordinate with the team. After all, a project will be successfully completed if the team members feel encouraged to contribute their effort.

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