Evaluating an Effective Presentation (LO 15.2, LO 15.3, LO 15.4) Think about a recent presentation you...

Evaluating an Effective Presentation (LO 15.2, LO 15.3, LO 15.4)

Think about a recent presentation you attended (or find/view a presentation online) that you found effective. In two to three paragraphs, describe why it was effective. Include any or all of the following aspects in your analysis, referring to Chapter 14 if necessary for a refresher on preview-view-review:

Description of the presentation.

Key points.




Electronic slides or other visual aids.

Nonverbal behavior.

Homework Answers

Answer #1

Recently we attended a presentation on Leadership in Business -

Key Pointers -

1. The presentation was a crisp content of 22 slides covered in 60 minutes.

2. The content covered leadership strategies and also basic leadership traits of business icons.

3. The presentation drew a camparison between 3 business personalities and how they have led their organizations over the years.

4. The audience was involved in discussions and questions were thrown at the audience to link their views to the content and context.

5. The presentation was in sync with the audience intellect and hence remained engrossing throughout.

7. The presenter remained stuck to the content and never was the discussion off the topic.

Preview - The presentation began with an anecdote and a speech by one political leader trying to promote his men during crisis. Then the audience was asked to present a one liner on defining the topic. The audience was also shown graphics and were asked to present their views. As the discussion started to get more detailed the presenter started to continue with the discussion in an informal fashion and the audience was kept involved. Some reading from famous books were also part of the presentation start.

View - The presentation was in line with the understanding quotient of the audience. The presentation contained a lot of visuals so as to keep the presentation interesting and the audience hooked. There was also a group activity of 10 minutes during the presentation. Bilingual language was used for better understanding.

Review - The presentation consistently placed facts and concepts which were backed by visuals. The presenter made a keen effort to ensure that all facts were well captured by the audience by repeating the concepts and checking for understanding. A feedback was also shared post the presentation. The encouragement for the audience to ask questions kept the understanding levels high.

Electronic Slides or other visual aids - The presentation consisted of visuals and anecdotes that were presented on the projector by object embedded technology. The slides were all electronic and hence the understanding remained high throughout.

Non - Verbal Behavior - The presenter covered the whole audience by occupying the center stage at all times. Eye contact was maintained and the movements of the presenter from time to time in between the audience kept the delivery efficient. The hand gestures were precise and the presenter was standing all the time during the presentation.

Overall an effective presentation on the preview - view - review scale.

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