An employee in a Rhode Island foundry inserted two coins in a coin-operated coffee machine in...

An employee in a Rhode Island foundry inserted two coins in a coin-operated coffee machine in the company cafeteria. One coin stuck in the machine, and the worker proceeded to “whack” the machine with his right arm. The arm struck a grate near the machine, rupturing the biceps muscle and causing a 10 percent loss in the use of the arm. Is the worker entitled to workers’ compensation? Explain.

Paulson engaged Arthur to sell Paul’s restored 1948 Packard convertible to Byers for $23,000. A few days later, Arthur saw an advertisement showing that Collector was willing to pay $30,000 for a 1948 Packard convertible in “restored” condition. Arthur sold the car to Byers, and subsequently Paulson learned of Collector’s interest. What rights, if any, has Paulson against Arthur?

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Answer #1

Answer 1:

Different Sates have different laws related to workers’ compensation system. In most states an employee is eligible to workers compensation if their injuries are work related. However, in this case, some states might entitle this worker for workers’ compensation because of his presence on employers premise. But worker hitting the grate near the machine, and getting injured is because of him failing to take reasonable care in taking action. And therefore, he is not entitled to workers’ compensation.

Answer 2:

Paulson have no rights against Arthur. The reason Arthur made the deal as he was told by Paulson. He is not responsible to check how much more he would have got if he cracked the deal with collector. Arthur here is only liable to fulfil Paulson’s command. And that is what he did. Therefore, Paulson does not hold any right against Arthur.

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