Respond as appropriate. Each response must be a least 100 words in length. You have been...

Respond as appropriate. Each response must be a least 100 words in length. You have been appointed as the team leader of a new project in your company. After a few weeks in the position, you start to notice there are distinct positive and negative members on your team. A few of your team members have been listed below along with a description of their group behavior. Identify which positive or negative member role they are displaying and explain how you would deal with each member to either encourage or diminish their behavior.

1. Suzanne has trouble letting members of the team speak freely. She is constantly interrupting others with her long-winded explanations. She wants every idea to be seen as hers, and sometimes she tricks other members of the team into sharing their ideas with her so she can present them as her own.

2. John does a great job at paying attention to the topics discussed in the meetings and taking notes. Last week, a member of the team, Sally, was sick for a few days, and John was able to catch her up to everything that the group had covered. He is very good at explaining problems in a clear and concise manner and can help team members that are perplexed with anything the group is involved in.

Homework Answers

Answer #1

1) Suzanne possesses the role of Dominator in the group.

She puts forward her statements/points and not let others speak freely. She exploits the other members by stealing their ideas by trick or treat and presenting them as her own. By doing so, she just wants to highlight herself.

As a team lead, I would talk to Suzanne in person and share my observations to ensure she changes her behavior and keeps it fair in group tasks. If she doesn't change, I would provide chance to others to speak and come up with their ideas by refraining Suzanne to dominate.

2) John possesses the role of a Encourager in the group

John is a good listener. He also helps his team members in coming up to speed in any tasks and helps them in any topics that they find difficult to understand.

As a team lead, I would recognize John for his efforts in helping the team and enourage him to continue the same behavior.

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