Ron and Diana are victims of a crime. While they were out shopping at the grocery...

Ron and Diana are victims of a crime. While they were out shopping at the grocery store, someone broke into their home and stole a statue of a lion they had in their backyard garden. They were very distraught and put up signs in their neighborhood asking if anyone had any information about people wandering around or if anyone saw someone enter their garden. On the sign, it said, “We loved this statue very mush and would do anything to get information about who might have taken it.”

A neighbor called Ron and Diana and said, “I saw a delivery person enter your garden and leave carrying a big bag. Because I shared this information about your statue, you have to pay me 10,000. You said you would do anything to get information.”

Using language from the material (Business law 1) and proper vocabulary, discuss whether a contract exists between Ron and Diana and the neighbor.

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Homework Answers

Answer #1

Issue= Is there a contract between Ron and Diana and the neighbor

Rule= Any public reward is applicable only if it can be used for the stated purpose. This type of reward offer is just a proposal that provided satisfaction to the person who offers the rewards.

Analysis= Ron and Diana announced the public reward of $10000 for anyone who can provide information about the person who might have taken the statue of the lion. The neighbor told that he saw a delivery boy leaving the bog bag and thus claimed the reward. It must be known that any declaration of reward does not form the contract as it is only a proposal.

Conclusion= There is no contract between Ron and Diana and neighbor as the information provided was not helpful to catch the thief and thus the prerequisite for the reward is not fulfilled.  

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