Many global organizations are ISO certified. Specifically, ISO 14001 addresses the elements of responsible operation toward...

Many global organizations are ISO certified. Specifically, ISO 14001 addresses the elements of responsible operation toward the environment. The framework indicates that an organization should maintain a policy addressing the following elements: Top management shall define its organization's environmental policy, and ensure it is appropriate to the environmental impact of its activities, products and services. Commitment to continuous improvement, prevention of pollution and compliance with legislation and regulations shall be documented, implemented and maintained. The environmental objectives and targets shall be set and reviewed. The policy shall be communicated to all persons working for the organization and be made available to the public. (Source: TWI) Write a paper that addresses the following: Create a 1–2 paragraph environmental policy for British Petroleum. Discuss and support your selected focus areas in your policy verbiage.

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Global environmental policy for British Petroleum can be a commitment towards the regulation, system and mechanism pertaining to environmental issues such as air and water pollution, waste management, ecosystem administration, maintaining biodiversity, protection of natural resources, wildlife and endangered species.

Environmental policies relating to effective and efficient regulation of toxic materials such as pesticides, industrial waste etc can be attained through framing effectual policies and competently administering the human activities which in fact can facilitate to avoid the harmful substances from being disposed off in the natural environment thus facilitating the natural environment and resources from being harmed and polluted.

Furthermore it’s very crucial and significant to carefully formulate the global environmental policies thus ensuring the policies and measures framed does not challenge or undermine the government policies thus thereby adheres to bye-laws, rules & regulations and adequately performs towards effective and efficient maintenance and perseverance of global environment and resources.

Thus by elucidating a commitment towards effective and efficient administration of global environment can indeed facilitate to build positive relations with external stakeholders such as investors, insurers, consumers, suppliers, regulators, government and society which in turn can lead to an improved business image and financial benefits such as enhancement in investments, consumer sales and market share.

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