XYZ Company's headquarters facility has a minimal number of traditional offices with four walls and a...

XYZ Company's headquarters facility has a minimal number of traditional offices with four walls and a door. The elevators on each floor are located at the ends of the long corridors in out-of-the-way alcoves. An open-air escalator runs in the center of the building. Workers largely are seated in low-walled cubicles. Copy machines and other office equipment are centrally located on each floor. This physical layout encourages what kind of culture?





Samuel is a leader who impacts organization culture. How does Samuel do this?

by role modeling.

leader height.

leader intelligence.

leader personality.

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Answer #1

1. This physical layout encourages detail-oriented culture.

XYZ Company has a detail-oriented culture means providing detail attention to its employees,assets and all other facilities that helps in the functioning of the organization. It provides every detail of facilities in a planned way. Every asset is placed in its proper place and all employees are sitted at a comfortable place. This type of detail-oriented culture gives a competitive advantage to XYZ Company, helping it differentiate from others.

2. Samuel do this by leader personality.

Leader personality means the ability of the leader to drag someone towards him by offering various benefits and opportunities. A good leader must be punctual, reliable, organized and self-disciplined. He should follow the morals and ethics of the company. A good leader must have positive outlook so that he can finish his project within the stipulated time period. All these traits of leader represents the good pesonality of the leader. Having good personality a leader can influence his followers and also the organization culture. Suppose a leader follows the organization culture and ethics which helps him in achieving success and earning huge income, his followers will watch him and immediately try to follow their leader to achieve their target.

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