James is a citizen of Country X and has lived there for 45 years. He is...

James is a citizen of Country X and has lived there for 45 years. He is a senior business manager in BXM, a national broadcasting company in Country X.

Before joining BXM, James hopped from one job to another even with a salary cut to try out different careers in order to find the one he likes the most. While drifting in different places in the course of looking for new jobs, James still enjoyed every moment. Since he joined BXM, he has been working very hard in order to strive for career success. Whenever he concludes an important business deal, he is not afraid of asking for a raise or a promotion, something that he believes he deserves. Two years ago, he was promoted to the senior business manager. Although he is now busier than ever, he would still invite his colleagues and subordinates to celebrate festivals like Easter and Christmas together.

Identify and explain the national culture of country X using one most relevant theory at your choice. Support your answer with case evidence.

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Answer #1


Starting appraisal expresses that the nation X advances Individualistic culture. Independence exclusively depends on independency and self-adequacy.

Right now, obviously goes under this class. Here are the reasons.


James was job bouncing and was floating around oftentimes, so as to discover a vocation he prefers the most. He was getting a charge out of the entire procedure without anyone else.


After joining BXM he tried sincerely and discovered achievement. James never dithered to request a raise or advancement. This meant that a work culture that acknowledges singular objectives.


Even however James is occupied, he would at present welcome his associates and subordinates to praise celebrations together. That implies he is exclusively depending on self-viability while working and don't require a lot of help from his subordinates.

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