Choose any multinational organization of your choice (actual/fictitious) and discuss fully how the organization has implemented...

Choose any multinational organization of your choice (actual/fictitious) and discuss fully how the organization has implemented and sustained Diversity. (Not more than five A4 pages) (b) Identify and discussed fully how the above multinational organization utilizes both primary and secondary dimensions of diversity in respect of the workforce of the organization.

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Answer #1

Workplace diversity refers to diverse disparities between people in the organization. It includes how individuals identify and perceive themselves and encompasses race, gender, ethnic groups, age, religion, sexual orientation, mental and physical conditions and other distinctive differences between people.

Thus administering diversity in the workplace represents a set of exclusive challenges for HR administrators however these challenges can be alleviated if an enterprise tries to make a serious effort towards supporting and persuading a more homogeneous environment through endorsing and encouraging a culture of broad-mindedness, open communication and formulating effective and efficient conflict management strategies which indeed can facilitate to effectually deal with crisis that may arise.

Furthermore for business administrators to efficiently and effectively administer diversity in the workplace needs to foremost identify and acknowledge the individuals backgrounds and how their behavior and beliefs can have a adverse impact on their decision-making within a diverse environment.

Thus a strategic focus on people management is very significant and crucial because improvement comes from individuals and you just can’t make the most of innovations unless you are competent of hiring and preserve innovators and then provide them with great administrators and environment that perceives for innovation.

Unfortunately enabling to make that changeover and evolution to an innovative firm is challenging because almost every HR administrators in an organization functions with philosophy of past practices, effectiveness, risk avoidance, legal compliance and instinct based people administration decisions. Thus if you seriously desire for innovation you will need to reinvent conventional HR practices and aim to adopt processes that can facilitate to compel innovation.

Google’s success has to be credited to a great extent to the fact that it is globally data-driven HR function. Google’s business achievement should be able to persuade and influence business administrators in any enterprise thinking about to grow considerably then they must think about implementing data and analytically based model used by Google.

Thus the approach adopted by Google had been flourishing as it has resulted in generating astonishing and remarkable workforce productivity outcomes which with very few organizations it can be compared where on a standard each worker has been able to generate nearly $1 million in earnings and $200,000 in profit every year.

Google’s CEO in fact cautions against constant improvement and as a consequence he has set the astonishing goal for his workers to generate goods and services that are ten times excellent than the competition. He further states that a 1,000% upgrading and enhancement necessitates rethinking problems exclusively, discovering the boundaries of what’s in principle is feasible and have a lot more enjoyment in the process. Thus Google’s success has facilitated to establish that if you set your development objectives too low then in fact you actually can strike them.

Furthermore it has been immensely considered and regarded Google as the most globally successful company because to a great extent it is been able to attract and preserve exceptional talent and thus it can develop and grow because it can attract extraordinary talents in any new field or job.

Thus as a consequence the most important and significant element that one can learn from Google is that if you could effectively attract and retain the identical quality and competent level of top talent and innovators that it does then your establishment can also effectively and efficiently control and govern the business .

Furthermore it’s also very important and significant to consider about the distinctive prospect and opportunity that your business has been confined and restricted because of inferior quality and in-competencies of individuals managing the business which in fact has resulted in preventing your organization from producing and generating higher-margin goods and services.

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