For each scenario, you need to clearly and specifically indicate how the respondents in each sample...

For each scenario, you need to clearly and specifically indicate how the respondents in each sample will be identified and selected. In some of the scenarios, the sample size is indicated; in others, it is not and you will need to specify the size. (Do NOT focus on how the data will be collected.)

The manager of the appliance department of a local full-line department store chain is planning a major one-day nonprice promotion of food processors, supported by heavy advertising in the two local newspapers. The manager asks you to recommend a method of sampling customers coming into the department. The purpose is to assess the extent to which customers were drawn by the special advertisement, and the extent to which the advertisement influenced their intentions to buy. A pretest of the questionnaire indicates that it will take about 3 minutes to administer. The manager is especially interested in learning whether there are significant differences in the response to the questionnaire among (a) males versus females, (b) gift buyers versus other buyers, and (c) age groups.

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Answer #1

In this case the safest alternative would be to use a random sampling technique.
A structured approach should be used to pick a sample at random.

Of example, any 5th customer entering the store will be picked for the survey, and the overall sample size would be about 150 customers.

The survey size of 150 consumers for the appliance section is of sufficient scale for analysis because there are differences between (a) males and females, (b) gift buyers and other buyers, and (c) age ranges in relation to the questionnaire.

The centralized random sampling scale gives the method a systematic approach.


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