Cooperative Education--Discussion Question #2--Spring, 2018 COLLAPSE Hello Everyone: This second class discussion question is designed to...

Cooperative Education--Discussion Question #2--Spring, 2018 COLLAPSE Hello Everyone: This second class discussion question is designed to give you some practical insights regarding the internal workings of some of our most successful companies. As such, please read the following specific guidelines for this second class discussion question: 1. Conduct a Google search entitled “Fortune 100 Best Companies To Work For 2017”. From that list select two companies that you are NOT familiar with. Select companies from the list that you are interested in learning more about, but you may currently know very little about so that you (and all of us) will learn new information after reading your comments. 2. Visit each company’s website, visit Fortune magazine’s website to see what they said about that particular company, and/or also feel free to conduct a Google search about each company in order to learn more about the inner workings of each company that you selected from the list. 3. Write a three paragraphs report about each of the companies that you selected. In the first two paragraphs discuss some of the things that you learned about this company that explains why it was selected as one of Fortune’s best companies to work for in 2017. In the third paragraph, discuss what you learned from researching this successful company and the decisions their top managers made that will help you to become a more effective manager. 4. Each of your three paragraphs should contain SEVEN OR MORE comprehensive sentences. When you finish answering this discussion question, you should have six paragraphs. 5. List each company as Company A: (1) Identify the company name first. (2) Identify what number it is on Fortune's best 100 companies list. (3) Write your three paragraphs. Repeat this process for Company B. 6. Again, When you finish answering this discussion question, you should have six paragraphs and each paragraph should contain at least SEVEN comprehensive sentences.

Homework Answers

Answer #1


Wegmans is a family-owned company, founded in 1916, headquartered in Rochester, NY. Danny Wegman is chairman; Colleen Wegman, his daughter, is president and CEO. Danny’s daughter Nicole Wegman is sr. vice president. Robert Wegman, Danny’s father, was chairman until his death in April 2006.   


  • Flexible Scheduling: Flexible scheduling and work/life balance are top reasons people come to work and stay at Wegmans. Store locations have more than 500 employees in 30+ departments, allowing our 24x7 operation tremendous flexibility to accommodate changes in student schedules, caring for a sick family member, and activities and personal obligations. We are a family company who wants you to have a healthy work/life balance so you can be your best.
  • Listening/Empowerment: Wegmans employees are empowered to make decisions that improve their work and benefit our company. We invest in various programs to put our employees’ ideas into action. Open Door Days, Huddles, Focus Groups, a two-way Q&A blog with our SVP of Operations are all examples of our commitment to listen to our people closest to the work and closest to the customer to help us continuously improve. We believe this makes our work more fun and more meaningful, whether in stores, corporate, distribution or manufacturing.
  • Employee Development: We invest more than $50 million each year to provide training and development opportunities for our people. Learning at Wegmans includes: department universities, online training, workshops, Dale Carnegie, on-the- job experiences, food rallies, cooking technique certifications, merchandising shows, traveling to supplier partners, and talent development programs like internships, management trainee and leadership development programs.
  • Internal Promotions: To help preserve our values-based culture as our company grows, we promote from within whenever possible through an internal Job Posting program. New opportunities across store operations, corporate, manufacturing and distribution are posted twice a week; allowing our growing team of 47,000 employees the opportunity to submit interest in new roles. Over the last year, 50% of all positions were filled by our own employees whether through a job posting opportunity, a promotional or a lateral learning assignment.
  • Wellness: Employee wellness programs abound at Wegmans, including free health screenings, blood pressure wellness programs, tobacco cessation, subsidized Weight Watchers, and a variety of food/nutritional programs! Regional Nutritionists and in-store Executive Chefs offer expert advice for making healthy meals easy. Collaborative, “get-moving” events, like yoga, Couch-to-5k, Kickball and Zumba stir up fun and camaraderie to keep our people feeling their best. And we help our people stay financially fit, too!  Eligible employees enjoy a 3% match on 401(k) contributions and when combined with a Retirement Plan contribution, earns them up to 7% of their wages to save for retirement. All employees are eligible for Financial health resources and telephonic consultation with professional advisors to help them make the most of their money.
  • Community and Sustainability Initiatives: Our people are proud of the difference they make through their employment at Wegmans. Whether raising millions of dollars annually for hunger relief, reclaiming millions of pounds of food from our stores and distributing it to local food banks, or contributing their time and talent through Wegmans sponsored events and programs, our people know our mission, values and family ownership gives them an opportunity to make a lasting, positive impact on the world. In addition to community initiatives, Wegmans people are also helping to lead industry efforts in sustainability, through Zero Waste initiatives, Carbon Footprint Reduction and Sustainable products and packaging.
  • Scholarship Program: Parents and teens alike recognize Wegmans as a smart choice, in part, for our generous Scholarship Program. And working adults who had hoped to return to school, say Wegmans provides the flexibility and financial assistance to do so. Since 1984, Wegmans has given $110 million to 35,000 employees with no obligation of continued employment. Full-time employees and part-time employees in Wegmans internships or culinary or hospitality programs receive augmented awards.
  • CARE Program: Caring Appreciating and Recognizing Each other, is our way to thank, recognize, and celebrate our people. Our program acknowledges 10 milestones that most families celebrate: anniversaries, developmental goals and acts of service for helping others. One of our favorites is our Who We Are award where employees can recognize a co-worker living our values – rewarded with a $5.00 coupon for Prepared Foods; over 86,000 were awarded last year.
  • Discounts and Digital Coupons: Wegmans employees have access to hundreds of community discounts on movies, amusement parks, car washes, mobile phones, gym memberships, museums and more, saving our people thousands of dollars each year! Employees also are eligible for in-store beverage discounts and various digital coupons for unique, employee-only offers – like a free cake during the month of their birthday!
  • EAP and Financial Services: Whether working through a problem or celebrating a life change, our Employee Assistance Program helps our people manage life events every day. We provide 24/7 confidential assessment of personal situations, short-term counseling and coaching (6 FREE sessions), referrals to community resources, education on various topics, and follow up. We offer online Work/Life referral services for parenting, child care and elder care, and wide-ranging financial services and legal assistance, including unlimited, free telephonic financial consultation with a professional financial counselor, an annual certified financial planning consultation, and a free 30-minute consultation with an attorney.

I believe Employee satisfaction is of utmost importance for employees to remain happy and also deliver their level best. Satisfied employees are the ones who are extremely loyal towards their organization and stick to it even in the worst scenario. They do not work out of any compulsion but because they dream of taking their organization to a new level. Employees need to be passionate towards their work and passion comes only when employees are satisfied with their job and organization on the whole. Employee satisfaction leads to a positive ambience at the workplace.


BCG is one of the world's leading consulting firms. We are dedicated to solving our clients' hardest problems and transforming them to compete in the 21st century. We integrate leading-edge innovation through multi-disciplinary, dynamic and supportive teams, striving to unlock the potential of both our clients and our employees.


  • Predictability, Teaming, and Open Communication (PTO): PTO is a global program across all of BCG globally to optimize the consulting team experience by helping deliver the best value to our clients through advocating for rewarding, enriching and a sustainable experience for our consulting teams.This innovative work-life balance program called PTO (which stands for predictability, teaming, and open communication), helps establish a detailed roadmap for each project that includes transparent working norms and priorities (so low-value work doesn’t consume high-value personal and professional time) and a collectively agreed-on time-off goal for each team member.”
  • Personalized Staffing: We invest in getting you on projects that deliver the best experience for you as an individual. You will work with full-time, dedicated staffing professionals and experienced and objective advisors, who will provide continuity from case to case and have the time to get to know you and your priorities better. You will have tremendous opportunity, able to leverage the full size and scale of BCG to access regional, local and global opportunities. Mobility options are completely transparent through our Mobility Marketplace, and you will have the opportunity to work outside your home country – 25% of consultants work outside their home country.
  • Flexible Working Models: BCG has long offered tremendous flexibility to its employees. As part of BCG’s dedication to making the consulting career both more professionally satisfying and personally fulfilling, we offer a variety of flexible work options aimed at accommodating personal needs and requirements as they relate to the type, timing, and location of work. For example, we have an annual flexible working model program called Time for You, which offers 8 weeks unpaid leave with full benefits that you can use as you wish (e.g., hike the Himalayas, learn Portuguese, or extend parental leave). Many consultants have used this more than once! Another program called FlexTime offers an opportunity to work at 60% or 80% with multiple structuring options, personalized for each individual through 1:1 coaching support.
  • Alumni Relations and Support: As part of our commitment to partnership and building lifelong bonds, BCG continues to help our people grow, develop and manage their careers even after they have moved on to pursue different opportunities. Our Career Services department is dedicated to providing the best career services support for staff who leave BCG. Online resources include an alumni website within our BCG Perspectives site, which facilitates two-way communication with our global alumni network, and includes access to a searchable alumni directory, BCG publications on demand or by subscription, current alumni profiles, news about the firm and its alumni offerings and events, job listings from BCG, alumni, clients, and search firms, online trainings, and featured alumni interviews.
  • On-Demand Virtual Learning: Our online LAB (Learning at BCG) portal gives staff a 24/7 point of access to over 1400 self-directed learning resources from our 20-plus practice areas and global initiatives, as well as programs to develop problem solving, analytical, communication, leadership and client skills. LAB is both information-rich and user friendly, rendering it an invaluable tool with which our staff can self-direct their learning needs in real time. State-of-the-art upgrades are planned for LAB this year to provide an even richer learning experience, including mobile access to learning content and a more effective blended learning offering. The LAB portal also gives managers and advisors the ability to recommend LAB resources to their teams, enabling differentiated learning for an individual's or a project's specific needs.
  • Growth through Training: At BCG, your development begins as soon as you arrive, with personalized mentorship, on-the-job coaching, and dedicated training sessions. We invest $80M per year in Learning & Development (L&D) programs, and the average BCGer will receive $200K in L&D investment over the course of his/her career. In keeping with BCG’s apprenticeship model, Project Leaders, Principals, and Partners lead the individual sessions and play the roles of customers and clients. Programs such as “Emerging Leaders” are offered to Business Services staff, helping participants excel in project management and execution. Our dedication to advancing our employees’ careers also emphasizes a deep understanding of diversity.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Networks: Our unique ability to approach client problems with a blank slate and identify novel solutions that yield transformative change stems directly from the wide range experiences, backgrounds, and interests of our employees. Furthermore, diversity is one of our core founding values: we target a diverse employee pool through various programs in order to build a firm that is representative of the society in which we live and do business. We also emphasize our strong inclusive staff affiliation networks, including Women@BCG; LGBT Network; Ethnic Diversity Networks; Veterans Network and the newly-introduced Disability Network, that allows all BCG U.S. staff to broaden their understanding about people with disabilities.
  • Industry-Leading Benefits Package: BCG provides very generous employee benefits. Without paying any monthly premium, eligible employees, regardless of role or tenure, receive comprehensive health care coverage with an average co-pay of $5 or less. Under this health care plan, emergency room visits, in network hospitalizations, outpatient services, and unlimited fertility treatments are all free. Eligible employees receive benefits including access to U.S. board-certified doctors who can treat many medical issues by phone or video 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the same co-pay of $5 per consultation.
  • Celebration and Affiliation: Developing deeply personal, meaningful connections to other BCGers and to the firm itself is a defining part of our success. For example, in July this year BCG North America and the New York office hosted the BCG Worldwide Soccer Tournament in Brooklyn, NY. Over 300 BCGers from across North America and Europe fielded 30 teams to compete to be crowned as the BCG World Champions. Other cross-office affiliation includes a regional event in Orlando, Florida, a family “staycation” in San Francisco and Los Angeles, and Community Service days.
  • Individualized Career Development through Mobility: At BCG, we provide unparalleled growth opportunities through the philosophy of "One BCG – Many Paths". We empower each of our team members to take advantage of BCG's extensive global network, from staffing assignments, geographic mobility programs, and secondments. Examples of this include our Ambassador Program which offers consulting cohorts the opportunity to live abroad and work in another BCG office for one year, and our Social Impact Secondments Program which offers one year assignments with our global partner organizations like the World Food Programme. In addition, the Business Services staff also has the opportunity to experience exciting cross-office opportunities.

Job satisfaction is highly important not only for an employee, but also for the organization as a whole. It is understood why job satisfaction is important for an employee. Being satisfied with the job will have the employee be happy at work and result in lesser frustration and worry. But, how does job satisfaction affect the organization? It’s simple – The happier the workers are, the better their state of mind towards their work, and better their performance will be.

Employees who are unsatisfied with their job will not be motivated and enthusiastic towards any chores assigned to them, and they will be more prone to escaping their duties. Moreover, they will be seen with higher levels of absence from work. Even when they are present, they will show very less concern in the issues of the organization, which will certainly affect the organizations’ performance negatively.

On the other hand, those who are highly satisfied with their job have a tendency to be more friendly, cooperative and helpful with their colleagues and co-workers. This kind of cooperation brings in sharing and learning. Job satisfaction also induces security and superior workplace feelings with lesser negativity and clashes, thus aiding in smooth running of the organization. Thus, it can be concluded that satisfied employees are more likely to perform superior than unsatisfied ones.

If the employees are happy at work, they will also deliver their best. Satisfied employees will be loyal towards their organization and stick to it even in the worst circumstances. Such employees don’t work out of compulsion, but out of passion. Thus, even in the worst scenarios, they will try to find possible solutions to take the organization to the next level. But employees who are not happy will never put in efforts for the same. In fact, they will think of leaving their job in case a shoddy situation arises. Organizations need to retain talented employees for long term growth and success. Although employers can always hire new candidates, but it is always better to have current trained employees sticking to the organization.

If the current employees in an organization are happy and passionate towards their work, it will lead to a positive ambience at the workplace and higher levels of productivity. This will in turn affect customer satisfaction and bring in more customer loyalty. Thus, job satisfaction holds a great relationship with the progress and success of the organization.

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