the discussion of Lean, there some topics were SS, SMED, Kaizen, spaghetti diagrams, push vs, pull,...

the discussion of Lean, there some topics were SS, SMED, Kaizen, spaghetti diagrams, push vs, pull, standard work, poke yoke, visual workplace and kanban select any 5 of these topics listed and describe each of these topics to demonstrate your understanding. provide example as appropriate.

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Push vs Pull : This is one lean methodology where conventional business model was using push strategy where products are pushed to market without actually determining the demand. At the same time in pull strategy actual demand from market is analysed and the production is initiated based on the pull from the market This reduces waste of production and processing.

Poke poke : This is known as error proof mechanisms. This helps in avoiding making errors as it simplified the system in such a way that none of the user can make error. For eg: slot of sim on phone .it is built in such a way that it can be inserted only in one way.

Kaizen: it refers to continuous improvement. It is a lean methodology and best practice which can be adopted in all industry and other administrative department . The continuous improvement approach includes optimising design, value stream mapping etc.

Standard work : this helps in reducing variance in work which results in creating more failure band alos increase turn around or cycle time for production. This also comprised of creating a defined work flow and line assembling so that everybody can follow the same stander operating procedures.

Visual workplace : Aid of visual representation guides everybody on the shop floor to understand the various aspects such as areas of hazard , precautions to be taken, set of practices, easy way of doing tasks etc.

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